Responsibilities of your Corporation Manager

Whittles assist the Corporation and Committee with their endeavours. Whittles do not make the decisions for the Corporation, but help to administer its decisions.

Whittles assist with Secretarial requirements of the Corporation which include:

  • Dealing with daily correspondence for the Corporation
  • Responding to queries and concerns of members
  • Maintaining records for historical reference
  • Taking minutes of meetings, typing these minutes and distributing to all members
  • Sending notices to all members as requested by the Committee.

  • Bookkeeping and accounting requirements of the Corporation, including:

  • Maintaining accurate financial accounts of all members’ contributions and creditors invoices
  • Creating annual financial statements and distributing to members bi-annually
  • Sending quarterly contribution accounts to all members
  • Ensuring that the Corporation receives the best available interest return on its funds
  • Sending monthly reminders for arrears and forwarding the relevant information to debt collection agencies if necessary.

  • Whittles provide assistance to the committee with the Financial Planning of the Corporation such as:

  • Analysing the Corporation’s plans and helping to create a sound budget each year
  • Amending the budget as per the wishes of the Corporation, and then implementing these changes
  • Assisting the Corporation with suggestions for long range planning and sinking funds
  • Helping implement those plans as per resolutions of the Corporation.

  • Whittles will assist with complaints and/or breaches of the Articles/Rules/By-Laws by;

  • Following up on complaints through the committee, or if urgent direct from members
  • Advising members of their rights and responsibilities
  • What does Whittles do for the management fee?

    Whittles has a written contract with each of its managed properties that sets out what we do and what makes up the charge for the services we provide. There are standard services like bookkeeping & maintaining records, issuing meeting & levy notices, handling communications as well as routine administration. Additionally, there are one-off or variable services that Whittles provides to Corporations on an 'as needs' basis, such as: meetings, non-standard building works, disputes, insurance claims, etc.

    Why does Whittles charge an extra meeting fee?

    Because each building is different Whittles doesn’t include two meetings in its standard management fee. This way, you only pay for what you need. If you only have an annual general meeting you pay for 1 meeting. However, buildings that have 2 or 3 owners meetings and monthly Committee meetings, will pay more as they require these as an additional service.

    I pay Whittles a lot of money, where does it all go?

    Owner payments go to your Corporation (not Whittles) and are kept in its bank accounts to pay regular and one-off expenses. All payments are either budgeted or approved by the Committee. Only a small portion of your payments goes to Whittles for its management charges as agreed in the management agreement between your Corporation and Whittles. To view your Corporation’s management agreement with Whittles, you can login to your Owners Portal.


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