We provide a broad range of property resources, tailored to meet every requirement – from small residential groups of units to corporate towers – hotels and resorts to complete residential villages.

Multistory buildings


Body Corporate Management, Community Management, Strata Management and Owners Corporation Management all serve fundamentally the same function, but are referred to in different terms across Australia.

The Corporation Manager’s role is to guide, assist and provide the resources necessary to support the Corporation’s effective management of Common Property.

Key functions of the Corporation Manager include:

  • Running committee meetings
  • Arranging repairs and maintenance
  • Developing budgets
  • Financial management
  • Arranging capital works
  • Advising on legislative requirements
  • Liaising between owners and the Committee


Whittles manages some of the most high profile and prestigious high-rise apartment buildings in Australia. These include luxurious apartments, resorts and accommodation facilities.

A view of city skyscape with marinas at front

In large buildings, we understand the importance of effective communication. To ensure all owners are kept up-to-date, Whittles has facilitated solutions such as a mobile platform which encompasses notice boards, this allows owners and residences to be notified of any facility’s maintenance, breakdowns or lodge common property service requests.

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Providing a broad range of corporation management services enabling our clients to get on with life.


Our portfolio of managed properties within our commercial and industrial division is diverse. From medical centres and office developments, to shopping centres and business parks, Whittles looks after some of the most dynamic properties in Australia.

Many of these properties benefit from high traffic volumes, so best practice management is essential to keep these sites operating at their full potential.

Whittles continues to expand its operations within the commercial and industrial sector as an increased number of multi-purpose buildings are developed throughout Australia. To manage both residential and commercial interests within the one building requires specialist knowledge and understanding of client needs.

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A modern commercial building with lights


Our growing portfolio of managed buildings includes townhouse developments and small groups of units.

Whittles understands that smaller groups require a different management approach to larger developments, and we appreciate the importance of street appeal and community cohesion.

Whittles Managers work closely with clients to ensure we are providing an attentive service and to align residents and owners under a common vision for the on-going management of their community. From pet management, to rubbish bins and common grounds keeping, we are here to ensure your property is well maintained.

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Two story residential house full of glass doors and windows



The management and maintenance of a marina requires specialist skills and a detailed knowledge of the marine environment. Marinas are highly regulated and come under the watchful eye of Environmental Protection Authorities. Within these environments, sustainable environmental management is paramount.

A city skyscape view with marinas at front

Marinas can also pose a risk to users unless managed safely and responsibly, while giving boat owners the freedom to enjoy the marina environment.

Whittles has achieved this balance within two of the most prestigious and demanding marinas in Australia – Cullen Bay in Darwin and Holdfast Shores in Adelaide.

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Many of our large-scale communities have leisure facilities, ranging from wetlands and parks to tennis courts and jogging tracks. We understand that part of the decision to live or own a property within these communities is due to these facilities. Whittles works with onsite facility managers to ensure these amenities are maintained and adequately managed to ensure enjoyment for all.


From maintenance to secretarial duties and financial management of your properties, your assets are safe with us.

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