Managerial & Meeting Support

It is usual practice when establishing a Corporation, for Whittles to be heavily involved with the development group and also other representatives as required prior to and during handover process of the project to the new owners.

To aid this process we will consult with developers and owners to determine the most efficient move-in process and ensure lift protective covers are in place and work collaboratively with the building manager or caretaker (if applicable) to avoid congestion with the lift/s.

We will prepare the agenda for the First Annual General Meeting of the Corporation in conjunction with developers and their legal advisers to ensure that all legal requirements for the establishment of the Corporation structure are complied with at the first meeting.

Whittles will further, convene the first Annual General Meeting of the Corporation, prior to any settlement taking place and upon the settlement of the majority of lots, convene a Special General Meeting of owners to be elected to the committee tasked with future supervision of the Corporation.


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