Developers choose to work with Whittles because they know we deliver outstanding services. We are able to support developers from the pre-planning stage right through the transition to sales and occupant acquisition.

Our extensive experience and expertise gives us the unique ability to mitigate risks for developers as we build the groundwork for a market-friendly development, ready for sale.

To make an enquiry about our developer services please contact your local Whittles branch.

Helping you build a more connected community through 50 years' expertise and experience.


Whittles will help establish a functional and site appropriate Corporation Structure for your development. While this process is heavily dictated by legislation, Whittles Managers have the expertise to ensure this process is handled appropriately.

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Facilities and services management

Whittles will arrange appropriate facilities and services contracts to be put in place at the first meeting of the Corporation, including:

  • Cleaning/caretaking
  • Waste management
  • Equipment servicing (if applicable)
  • Lift maintenance
  • Essential safety measures equipment
  • Garages and gate maintenance
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Budget and proposals

Developers are required to set up budgets for every body corporate, single or multi stage. Budgets required include Administration Fund and in most States, a Sinking or Maintenance fund. 

Managerial and
meeting support

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We will prepare the agenda for the first Annual General Meeting of the Corporation, in conjunction with developers and their legal advisers to ensure that all legal requirements for the establishment of the Corporation structure are complied with at the first meeting.

Whittles will also convene the first Annual General Meeting of the Corporation, prior to any settlement taking place and upon the settlement of the majority of lots, and convene a Special General Meeting of owners to be elected to the committee tasked with future supervision of the Corporation.

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