Living Issues

Where can I park?

You can park in your own parking spot or a common property parking spot if you have specific approval. Otherwise you cannot park on common property or anyone else’s parking space.

Someone is parking in my park, can you help?

If the parking spot is on your property's title, unfortunately Whittles cannot assist you as it is not a common property issue. However, if the carpark is part of the the common property, please contact your Corporation manager for assistance.

Can I keep a pet?

Every State has different regulations about pets in Corporations. Some States allow pets with either none or very few restrictions, some ban all pets and others allow pets but only with specific approval.

So, check your specific building's by-laws, articles or rules, or ask your Manager what you can (and cannot) do.

How do I get approval for a pet?

If your Corporation requires owners to submit an application a pet and your Corporation doesn’t ban pets, then you should make a written application outlining details of your pet (like type, age, size, weight, etc), your reasons for wanting the pet, any special things you believe are important and include photos and references if possible.

In some States, but not all, the Committee will decide your application. Check with your Corporation Manager about your State's Legislation. Please wait until you get formal approval before bringing the pet into the building.

Why can’t the abandoned vehicle be removed from the property?

The Corporation or its Manager can’t just remove abandoned vehicles without following correct procedures because they don’t know who the vehicle belongs to and don’t want to expose anyone to claims for damages.


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