CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

For over 30 years Whittles has supported many regional and local community events and continues to recognise the importance these events play in the local community.

We also make contributions to other projects on a case by case basis.

Environmentally Friendly Operations

Recognising the need to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, we’ve made several key changes to our work practices. This includes the adoption of a paper reduction strategy, revamping of our offices across Australia, installing energy-efficient globes and making ‘green friendly’ changes within our office through recycling and energy usage.

Whittles also encourage the communities we manage to make environmentally conscious decisions in their Corporation Management. Small changes such as encouraging owners to receive correspondence and accounts via email are ‘green-friendly’ decisions that reduce Corporation printing and photocopying costs.

Teambuilding & CSR

At the 2015 Whittles conference, the Rockhampton Fitzroy Rotary Club brought us the Rotary Australia World Community Service's, 'Helping Hands Program'. With the program, the Whittles team worked in groups to build prosthetic hands for victims of landmines in Sri Lanka. Working in small groups, twenty five hands were built, piece by piece and will be delivered to their new owners in March 2016.

Helping hands 1 Helping hands


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